All the information you need to get started in BMX racing is right here…

What Equipment Do I Need?

Any 20 inch or 24 inch (cruiser) BMX bike will be fine. Remove any mudguards, chain guards, kick stand, pegs and reflectors, for safety of yourself and other riders. Ensure that there are no sharp edges on your handlebars (ie No torn grips with exposed metal) or pedals, etc.

You need brakes that work, either rear foot brakes or a rear hand brake.
One of the parents or older riders will check your bike for you and help with any minor adjustments.

What Do I Have to Wear?

Long Pants – jeans or track pants are fine.
Long Sleeved Top – such as a windcheater.
Gloves – any type of gloves that have complete hand and finger protection.
Helmet – A full face helmet that covers the ears – some Clubs have a spare that you can borrow.
Pads – Knee and elbow pads are reccomended
Shoes - you must wear fully enclosed shoes to protect your feet.
Long Socks - your socks need to be long enough to cover you ankles.

How Much Will It Cost?

Full up to date info regarding BMX Australia Licence infomation can be found on Or you can ask the club registrar Amanda.

Sprocket Rocket membership is for any rider under the age of 8. The Sprocket Rocket program is a participation based program, taking the focus from competition to skill based learning programs. This allows children under the age of 8 the opportunity to tune their BMX racing skills in a fun non-competitive environment. Each new Sprocket Member will receive a Sprocket Rocket Member Bag. Approx $151.00

This membership allows a rider to compete at their own club. You will NOT be able to compete at any other club or other clubs carnivals. You will also be unable to compete at open events held at your own club. Club members must 8 years old or older. Approx $133.00

An open membership allows you to ride at any club in Australia, including club carnivals and events. Riders must be 8 years old or older. Approx $157.00

BMX Mini Wheelers
BMX Mini Wheelers Approx $50.00

4 Month Licence
This licence allows any new member to try the sport of BMX for 4 months. This licence is an open licence to try the sport at any club, but does not allow entry into State and National Titles. Following the 4 month period members can upgrade to an Open or Sprocket membership and receive a discount. (NOTE: you may have to pay for training sessions at some clubs due to not having an open membership). Approx $40

When Do I Race?

BMX Racing is a year round Sport. Wyndham Warriors run practise on Wednesday nights or Saturday mornings, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
There are also Open Race Days throughout the year, mostly on Sundays. 

Isn’t BMX Racing Dangerous?

BMX Racing has the most successful and requested Risk Management Policy of any sport. BMX Racing is classified as a contact sport like football, hockey, basketball and soccer. Statistics prove that BMX Racing is the safest of all action family sports. Riders must wear protective clothing, race bikes that have been checked for safety by officials and race tracks that have been inspected by accredited officials to ensure that racing is safe for all competitors.

The History of BMX Racing

BMX Racing (Bicycle Moto Cross) originated in Southern California in 1970.
By 1976 the sport had found its way to Australia, first in Queensland then spreading throughout Australia. BMX Racing Clubs are now located in every State and Territory of Australia.

Is There A Class for Me?

Yes! There is a class for every age and skill level, from 5 and Under (Sprocket Rocket/Mini Wheeler) to 55+ year old, Male and Female Classes. So Boys, Girls, Mum’s and Dad’s can all compete in their own age class and skill level at the same venue, at the same time. Once a rider reaches 14 years of age, they may choose to race in a money class. Novice & Expert classes are also available. Coaching is available by Accredited Coaches at most Clubs or privately for all ages and genders.

What do I do next?

Contact Wyndham BMX Club