Welcome to Wyndham Warriors Coaching corner!

If you wish to book yourself or your child into a coaching block or private session with one of the clubs 8 accredited coaches please email the coaches at coaching@wwbmxclub.com.au and they will do their very best to accommodate your requests.

Coaching block details & dates:

Tuesday with Jordan 5-6pm (TBA until daylight savings returns 2016)

Thursday with William 5-6pm email coaching@wwbmxclub.com.au to book in by 6pm the day before. (TBA until daylight savings returns 2016)

Saturday group coaching (weather/coach permitting) 8.30-930

Private Sessions:

These can be arranged with a coach at a time that suites the coach and the participant. These sessions will be charged at $30-$50 per person per hour (the exact price will need to be negotiated with the coach) and can accommodate 1-2 people (this will be at the discretion of the coach).


Wyndham accredited Beginner coaches:

Danial, Joel, Amanda & Leanne.

Wyndham accredited Level 1 coaches:

Jordan, Gary, Michael & Will



Any coaching done outside of club approved sessions or the track, or with any unaccredited coach - is not covered by BMXA insurance. Therefore you are putting yourself & child at risk.


For information regarding BMX Victoria Coaching programs & for a list of Victorian accredited coaches visit:


 For information regarding the BMX Australia Coaching programs & accreditation please go to: